Bags are unique as fashion accessories. They are not required to enclose a part of the body, which has allowed freedom and inventiveness over the centuries, resulting in creations which are not mere fashion items, but works of art.

COTTON BAGS ARE IN TREND: - We have replace leather bags in cotton bags.  We have also developed a line of fashionably bags made from organic cotton and hand block printed. They come in lots of fun colours and prints, fabric qualities and sizes. We target to all age group women tastes. So that women carry bags with all type of fashionable clothes like- they carry slings with ethnic, or western, hand bags with saree or suits, hand pouch with saree or any ethnic wear. We make bags with quilted organic cotton, hand block printed organic cotton and leather from up cycled organic cotton 'yarn’. Great for every day, go everywhere use.

Feathers Closet have wide range of such handmade bags.


We have made so many designer bags. We have also developed a line a fashionably  tote, Hand bags, slings, pouches, Duffels Bag, Laptop bag, shopping and drawstring bags made from organic cotton and hand block printed. They are sturdy enough to carry groceries, books, laptops, cards, and your last minute shopping needs, but lightweight to carry. Also we using different kind of prints with Katha like Ikat prints, block prints, Bagru prints, digital prints, Indigo print etc.


  1. Handbags 
  2. Duffle bags 
  3. Laptop bags 
  4. Glass case 
  5. Tote bags 
  6. Sling bags 
"There's definitely a very strong relationship between fashion and art right now," says Rachel Koffsky, head of handbag and accessory sales at Christie's. "It's bringing art collectors into the world of fashion and fashion collectors into the world of art."  


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Check out the latest blog post on titled “Handmade Bags: Style and Craftsmanship.” Dive into the world of handcrafted bags, explore their unique designs, and learn about the skill and dedication behind their creation. Don’t forget to leave a comment sharing your thoughts and appreciation for these stunning handmade accessories.

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Discover the world of hand-made bags at Feathers Closet Blog. From trendy totes to elegant clutches, their blog showcases beautifully crafted bags with artistry and attention to detail. Get inspired with styling tips, behind-the-scenes stories, and insights into the craftsmanship behind each bag. Explore unique designs and learn about different materials. Elevate your accessory game with hand-made charm from Feathers Closet Blog.

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This is one of the finest written informative blogs, I truly appreciate your effort and wish you to show your continuous effort in providing the modern fashion & style statement. I believe choosing the right box of handmade bags like mini-baguette bags, sling bags, etc for the right occasion is necessary, classic shoulder bags, and box bags for the party are one of the best choices. To contact us visit

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